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What We Do – NBECA

Our Work in the Community

NBECA’s work in the Snoqualmie Valley reflects our mission to host community events, support and promote local business, award educational scholarships, and bring people together in service and celebration.

The Spring Scholarship Auction takes place every spring and raises funds in support of the Judy K. Boyce Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship rewards students who have volunteered in their community and are pursuing educational goals after high school. We need your financial support, your volunteer time, and your enthusiasm to spread the word in support of our Snoqualmie Valley students!

The annual Festival at Mt Si takes place over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the second weekend of August each year. For three days, NBECA brings music, family fun, food, games and vendors from across the Northwest. Your support helps make sure the Festival stays a Snoqualmie Valley tradition for the loved ones in your life. People like you will keep the festival going strong for another 60 years. Sign up to sponsor, become a vendor and volunteer!